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Live Mindfully.  Be Thoughtful and Kind.  Walk in Light and Love.  Believe in Miracles.  Listen To and Trust Your Knowingness.



Maintaining a positive flow of energy within ourselves and within our spaces is so very important in maintaining balance, and well-being in our lives.  Himalayan salt lamps and smuding help to remove negative energy.  Lavander oil helps to create a soothing environment.

Maintaining clutter free, clean, organized spaces is so very important in maintaining a positive flow of energy in our lives.  Allowing fresh air and light into our spaces is also very importaint in maintaining a positive flow of energy. 

The placement and type of furniture and objects impacts the positive flow of energy within our spaces.  I recommend using natural, green, eco friendly products to build, clean, and furnish spaces.  I also recommend using repurposed wood, and products that have been repurposed through recycling in an effort to help our planet.


Spending time in nature, walking or hiking at least 30 minutes a day is so very important, as it calms and balances our souls, and cleanses our auras of the energy that we have accumulated throughout the day from of interactions with others. 

Sitting under a tree for an hour will revive you.  Being mindful of the messages that creatures that cross our paths daily are delivering to us is so very important, as they are trying to help guide us in our journey.  It is so very important to protect all  creatures great and smalll, and to protect all of nature, as we are all connected and must care for one another.


Nutrition is the cornerstone of a strong mind, body, and spirit.  As an organic vegan I highly recommend eating an organic plant-based diet, as an unhealthy diet of GMO foods, processed foods, sugar, carbonated drinks, dairy, meats and fatty foods contribute to depression and poor health.  Supplementing a plant-based diet with an organic multivitamin is also important.  I highly recommend Garden of Life by MyKind multivitamins for women and men.  I recommend avoiding dairy, meat, and poultry for many reasons, which can be found on my Facebook and Twitter posts.


Exercising at least 45 minutes daily strengthens our mind, body, and soul.  It is so important and simple to incorporate exercise into our daily lives.   Taking long, brisk walks or hikes in nature through a forest, or by the ocean or a river, is an excellent form of exercise that incorporates meditation, as nature cleanses and revitalizes our auras and chakras. 

While at the office taking the stairs rather than an elevator, going for a walk during lunch, conducting walking meetings rather than meeting in a conference room, replacing a traditional desk with a stand up desk, selecting a parking space that is father away from the building, are also great ways to incorporate daily exercise into our lives.  


Meditation calms the mind and opens the soul to spirit guides.  It is so important to incorporate meditation in our daily lives, to quiet our minds and listen to our spirit guides.  

Spending time in nature,  is a form of meditation.  Turning off the radio while driving, clearing your mind of the chatter and opening your soul to your spirit guides is also a form of meditation.  Sitting under a tree or next to a body of water for an hour is a form of meditation, as is sitting in a quiet, peaceful place for an hour. 

It is important to open your mind and soul to allow your spirit guides to help guide you.  Always remember that you are not alone, that your spirit guides walk with you.

Creative Visualization is simply calming your mind and visualizing all that you want to manifest in your life.  The mind is very powerful, our thoughts create outcomes.  It is so very important to live mindfully and manifest positive outcomes.  I have read many books on Creative Visualization and recommend books by Shakti Gawain.