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Below are links to products that I use and recommend to clients.  I added a Products page in an effort to assist clients, as prior to adding the page I referred clients to to search for the recommended products. 

Please click on the products below that you are interested in to open the link.  After reviewing the product on, please sign in under your account to place an order. 

Thank you and God bless.

Create a positive flow of energy through the principals of Feng Shui.

Remove negative energy through smudging using liquid sage or whole white sage, burning a white soy prayer candle, and placing a Himilayan salt lamp in the most lived in spaces of your home and also in your office at work.

Create and maintain a healthy body through organic plant based nutrition, that includes plant based supplements, coupled with brisk walks in nature, and in-door aerobic exercise using a compact/folding treadmill designed for small spaces.

Manifest positive outcomes through Creative Visualization.  Use Dowsing rods to measure auras, locate lost items, identify spirit activity, and answers yes/no questions.

Allow nature to help guide you by understanding the messages that all creatures great and small bring to you when they cross  your path, and allow the healing energy of plants and trees to protect you and clear your aura and mind.