Clairvoyant | Clairsentient | Psychic Medium| Feng Shui Shaman | Published Author

Live Mindfully.  Be Thoughtful and Kind.  Walk in Light and Love.  Believe in Miracles.  Listen To and Trust Your Knowingness.


As a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Spiritual Guide I help souls find peace, heal, trust their intuitive knowingness, make decisions, and trust their decisions.  I listen and help guide souls in their journey in a way that is spiritual, holistic and nonjudgemental.  I connect to energy and I see visions.  Oftentimes people and pets who have passed come through during the consult.  I connect to the energy of people, spirits, animals, objects, spaces, and the environment.  I have prophetic dreams that help guide me. 

I offer phone and in-person spiritual consults.  To schedule a consult, please visit the Contact page and submit the Contact form, or call me.

As a Feng Shui Shaman, I help others create a positive flow of energy in their homes, offices, and landscapes, which helps create balance and harmony in their lives.  The flow of energy in our environment is so important to our health, spiritual balance and well-being.  I connect to the energy of spaces and objects and know immediately when the Feng Shui is out of balance.  I am intuitively aware of the changes that need to be made to bring balance and harmony to a space. 

The architectural design and materials used to create and maintain a space affects the Feng Shui.  Additionally, spaces that are filled with objects and clutter weigh down and drain the energy of the people who occupy the space.  The type and texture of color, amount of light and fresh air that is allowed into a space, the people who occupy the space, and the amount of clutter, dust and dirt also affects the Feng Shui of a space. 

To schedule a Consult, please visit the Contact page and submit the Contact form, or call me.

As a Published Author, I have shared my journey through my books in an effort to help others.  To view and purchase the books that I have written please visit the Published Books page. 

As an Environmental and Animal Rights Activist, I help raise awareness through social media in an effort to  make our world a better place.  It is my hope that people will live mindfully and make choices that will protect our planet and all living creatures great and small.  To learn more, please click on the Facebook and Twitter icons at the top of each page.

As an Organic Vegan, I help raise awareness through social media in an effort to encourage others to live mindfully.  It is my hope that people will make educated choices regarding the food that they eat and the items that they buy in an effort to protect all living creatures great and small and our planet. 

To learn more please click on the Facebook and Twitter icons at the top of each page.